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Buy a little bit of Elvis history


SALE of Elvisly Yours Shop Equipment from Baker Street

Buy a little bit of history. After new landlords forced us to vacate the Elvisly Yours shop I am selling shop equipment that was used in Baker Street for ten years and Trocadero two years. Each item will come with a certificate of authenticity from Elvisly Yours.  

Large standing units  395.00 (2)  7ft x 5ft 6ins (retail new 1,500.00)

Smaller unit                295.00 (1)  7ft x 4ft x 11ins (retail new 1.250.00)

Glass counters          175.00 (3)  4ft x 3ft 2ins x 1ft 8ins (retail new 550)

Display racks            100.00 (2)  4ft 9ins high x 4ft wide (for books & magazines, retail new 325.00)

Pidgeon hole store units 275.00 (3)  7ft x 3ft 6 x 14ins (ideal for garage or office) retail new 695.00)

Please email sid@elvisly-yours.com for further information or to place an order. I am sorry we cannot deliver from our warehouse in Watford, only for collection. Elvises are NOT included.

Elvisly Yours,

Sid Shaw .