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(written as if I was Elvis' mother)

We were poor but struggled each day to try and do more.

Then one day God said: "I'm sending a Blessing your way."
He gave us two, but only one was meant to stay.

You were a blessing right from the start, 
But losing the other son nearly broke my heart.

The love you showed was like no other, 
Then for a son and his mother.

I hated to leave you but it was time,
For I was going to a beautiful place with sunshine.

Your voice and your songs will always be strong,
And will always be heard by many all day long.

The love I have for you is like no other,
For it comes straight from my heart, your mother. 

                                                                            Darleen (December 2000)


The house is all decorated with beautiful lights
The trees and the Nativity Scene,
                           which brought him such delight.

The stairs are lined with garland, 
The drapes are beautiful red, 
The trees all glimmer with lights and icicles, 
And the table is beautifully set.

The Christmas songs are still playing 
For family and friends, 
For he gave it his all, 
Right to the end.

And he looks down from Heaven above
He smiles and says: "I send you my love."

                   Darleen (December 2000)


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