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Elvis and Me

Elvis used to live here in 1961,
his spirit never left the world,
although his body might be gone.

His love, it used to live there in 1963,
when he died his love starved, too,
but they call it "destiny".

Elvis used to live here in 1962,
and a man, whom we called Elvis
used to live then, too.

My love, he used to live then in 1960,
when he died my love died, too,
like Elvis is he did go.

Elvis used to love me.
And me? I loved him, too.
But Elvis died the very day
that I was losing you...

My tribute to Elvis Presley

This is a poem for Elvis,
Do you remember the man, who was no idler in moving his pelvis?
He rolled and he rocked,
But by his sudden death the whole world was shocked.

I think, he's a fool, I'm sorry to say,
But nobody as successful as him should die this way!
He asked "Are you lonesome tonight?"
And walked in "Kentucky Rain", oh, how we cried!

But Elvis aslo was the King of Rock and Roll.
He sang "Jailhouse Rock" - just wonderful!
This is the tribute, of a young and humble fan,
I'm going to visit his grave as soon as I can!

Written by Marissa Conrady

For someone my age when I was in school
Liking Elvis was really not cool
I never cared about what they said
It didn't matter that he was dead
I'd go home at night and play his CD
Imagining he was singing to me
I didn't know much but I liked what I saw
Hearing his voice would leave me in awe
Now to Porthcawl people come from afar
To our little town to follow their star
It's not too much trouble it's all worthwhile
Everyone there walks round with a smile
And now there's Kraig Parker that we all adore
His performance leaves us wanting more
His charisma, style and of course his voice
He'll always be our number one choice
Let's not forget Jelvis and his blue suede shoes
Believe me girls he's got all the moves
He may still be young but he's got it sussed
Seeing his show is simply a must
To the organisers well done you guys
Last years event was such a surprise
All of these people just for this one man
Makes me so proud to be an Elvis Fan!

by Kate Milton  (20)


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