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The Everlasting Gift
Pristine stillness
Dawning a new day
A day in Heaven.
You had been part of the parable of the Talents
And done so well.Your time on earth well spent.
'Thou good and faithful servant.'
Born so poor
Of a loving woman
In the hard deep South.
You had known what it was to struggle
But it made you of the people.One of us
Who yearned and saved to get to see you.
Your roots in the soil
Your childhood years
You never forgot.
They grounded you in the consideration of others.
Tempted, tried and caught out in your innocence
Jesus wept - but used it to help others.
Your everlasting gift to mankind.

by Wilma Raumati


They called him Elvis the Pelvis,
Because they didn’t like what he did,
To them he was a juvenile a horrid, crude kid.
Despite all this, he carried on and entertained his fans,
Just Elvis, his Pelvis and his rocking band.
Then came along the Silver Screen,
Along came Graceland too, he’d made it to the big time, there was nothing he couldn’t do.
But time went by and a duty finally called,
Elvis was a G.I serving his country boldly in the cold.
Two years went by and Elvis was back,
No one had forgotten him, the Colonel made sure of that,
But somehow things were different and Elvis had matured, the critics grew to like him 
and gave him more applause. 
Yes Elvis was back, to making the movies and singing the hits,
He had someone on his mind though, her name was Priscilla and he loved her to bits.
His work load got heavier, 
Making sometimes, four movies a year ,
Most of which the people loved, the others they didn’t care.
Came the mid sixties, and the Beatles were in town,
Elvis’s career was in decline, he was losing his crown.
He was tired of the movies and all the useless songs.
He needed to be back on top and stop doing all the wrongs.
The year was 1968, and things were looking good,
He was married to Pricilla, his little girl was born,
And he showered them both with love.
At Christmas of ‘68, he did a comeback special,
A whole hour of Elvis in leather it just couldn't be real,
But it was and he rocked the hour away,
Everybody loved it, the King was here to stay.
So now came the seventies and Elvis started to tour,
He wasn’t at home much and was seeing less of his family more and more,
Elvis again was the King of Rock and Roll,
But his life wasn’t that good on the whole.
He started needing drugs and wanted other women,
Pricilla couldn't take it and eventually left him,
He still had his entourage and his good old fans,
But that just wasn’t good enough, he was slowly sinking in the sand.
Now to the mid seventies and the weight got piled on,
Drugs were abused even more, but Elvis battled on,
Elvis wasn't well and that was very clear, he had to quickly change cos death was very near.
But nothing changed and death did come in the year of ‘77,
Elvis was at peace now and on his way to heaven.

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