"Maureen's Day 2" at the London Trocadero September 14th 2007

I would like to thank the London Trocadero for their kindness in providing free facilities to stage "Maureen's Day 2", a Street Party at the entrance to the Trocadero to raise money for the "Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre" for Cancer Support. The Party was a Tribute to my wife Maureen who died from cancer on March 27th 2007. We were together 34 years, so 34 ballons were released to heaven at 12 noon in Maureen's memory after all our celebrities sang the "Wonder of You". The words could have been written for Maureen who gave her whole life to helping others.

It was a memorable day for all who participated and a big thank you goes to all our Elvises and Celebrity lookalikes who gave their time for free and paid their own expenses to attend. Michelle Hendricks (Debbie Harry) had a 400 mile round trip from North Lincolnshire and Steven Grayson, came all the way from Germany. Below you will find details of all those that joined us on this fabulous day in Piccadilly Circus:

Ian Coulson (Geordie Elvis)
Gary King (Gary Osben)
Sicilian Elvis (Vince Citrano)
German Elvis (Steve Grayson)
Jasper Roberts
Lee Jackson
Celebrity Lookalikes:
Diana Ross (Deanne Keanne)
Joan Collins (Barbara Kealey)
Blondie (Michelle Hendricks)
Kylie Minogue (Terri Pace)
Marilyn Monroe (Suzie Kennedy)
Ricky Gervais (Tim Oliver)
Sven Goran Eriksson (Derek Williams)
Will Smith (Shad Ellis)
Joe Pasquale (Nigel Wright)
Billy Connolly (Bob Lucas)

Jo Wiskin is the CEO of www.lookalikes-unite.com who has helped organize “Maureen’s Day 2” and encouraged such a wonderful entourage of lookalikes. The website also has some more great photos of the day. Jo also supplied some beautiful, handmade, red roses and persuaded www.balloon-artistry.co.uk to supply 100 printed free balloons.

You can see more photographs on the website of Stefan Lubomirski: www.lubomirski.co.uk/lookalikesparty and details of the Event on his blog: Stefan Lubomirski de Vaux's Photoblog.

A big RASPBERRY goes to Westminster City Council, Westminster community police and two traffic wardens (I got two apking tickets) for trying to spoil our day. We were continually asked us to stop the music, turn the sound down and generally made a nusiance of themselves claiming we were infringing all sorts of by-laws. We had permission from the Trocadero and the Event took place in their entrance but we were told the "noise pollution" (yes, that is what they called our super Party) was going into Westminster and we needed a licence to play sound in Westminster. Their harassment meant we raised much less money for LJMC and I will be writing to each Westminster Council member asking them to donate to LJMC, since they make the rules we were supposedly infringing. We had to stop and start the Music and were forced to stop half an hour early than originally planned.

Because of having to continually stop the music and finish early only £515.00 was raised for LJMC. This is very disappointing considering all the effort that went into make "Maureen's Day 2" such a wonderful Event. Any of the Celebrity Lookalikes each make more from one event and we had sixteen singing their hearts out and entertained with such passion and fervour. It just goes to show that tourists are a mean lot who simply got entertained for free and kept their hands in their pockets except when clapping.

Perhaps, Westminster City Council will make up the shortfall as we still need to raise £2,000.00 to reach our target of £5,000.00 to have a "Counselling Room" named after Maureen at the Cancer Centre. If you couldn't make it to the Trocadero you can still donate by clicking on: Donate to LJMC in Maureen's Memory

Some of the great photos from "Maureen's Day 2"
Sid with some of "Maureen's Day 2" balloons
Getting ready to release the balloons with Elvises & Celebrity Lookalikes at the Trocadero. Thirty-four balloons were released to heaven, one for each year Maureen and I were together
Ricky Gervais & Debbie Harry in Maureen's Day 2 t-shirt
The ten celebrity lookalikes and six Elvises start the Party at the Trocadero
Lee Jackson entertains the Celebrity Lookalikes and crowd
Another great photo for the press and crowds of tourists
Is that Will, Joan, Kylie, Joe, Debbie, Ricky and three Elvises?
Smile please you are on Candid Cameras at the Trocadero
Gary King wows the crowds until Westminster Council stopped him
Amazing lookalikes Ricky Gervais, Marilyn, Sven, Joan Collins, Will Smith
Ricky Gervais of "The Office" with Debbie Harry holding "Maureen's Day 2" ballon