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REMEMBER when you buy ELVISLY YOURS memorabilia you are making an investment, because the quality of our products and designs are so good that they have already become collector's items, and by international standards our prices are the very best. As Elvis fans, we believe in giving fans value for money, and we have a fine worldwide reputation for quality and service. We also supply fan clubs in over twenty countries.

Please note that for legal reasons Elvisly Yours products are not available for sale to the USA (except books, magazines, Tupelo Shack and sunglasses). If you are a US citizen and think this infringes your Constitutional Rights complain to your Congressman and Senator and get rid of the monopoly of Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc

We can now accept payments by PayPal. Please pay to sid@elvisly-yours.com
and add 5% surcharge to your total.

Elvis Glasses Elvis in Canada Toiletries
Gold Replica Elvis Sunglasses
(p&p UK £4.35 Eu £4.95, Ov £5.75)
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Elvis in Canada
(p&p UK £2.95, Eu £4.75, Ov £6.25)
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Elvis Menís Toiletries
Gift Set

(p&p UK £4.95, Eu £7.35, Ov £13.25 (by sea £8.75))
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Hawaii Watch
Playing Cards
Gents Elvis Aloha Watch
(p&p UK £3.75, Eu £6.25, Ov £8.75)
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Elvis Playing Cards
£9.95 for 2 packs
(p&p UK £1.25, Eu £2.50, Ov £3.75)

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Elvis Calendar 2016
(p&p UK £3.75, Eu £4.95, Ov £7.50)
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Heavier items can be shipped by sea outside Europe (4-6 weeks). If you require the economy service please add on order page in Message Box: "Sea Mail please"




Wide selection of Elvis badges from 2.5 cm to 15 cm giant plaque!
Elvis fridge magnets:  3 varieties - round, oblong and new metal magnets.
TCB necklaces, logo rings, diamante brooch and necklace, large Elvis medallion.
Elvis Toiletries, ceramic charms, mugs and much more
Elvis replica sunglasses - gold and silver design


Colour t-shirts mixed designs
  Photo posters
Widest selection of collector's Elvis posters, colour and black & white.
  Art posters
Collector's postcards (48 types), Large Elvis postcards.
Playing Cards
Unique collection of Elvisly Yours magazines - all collector's items.
New 2014 Elvisly Yours calendar plus collectors calendars from 1980
Elvis in Canada: See some rare photos from the book
Various rare Elvis books only available from Elvisly Yours
For serious collectors of Elvis memorabilia: Elvis Presley First Day Covers from the UK, USA and Germany.
  Gift Vouchers
Elvisly Yours Gift Vouchers - £20, £50, £100
Range of Elvis Watches
  Best Elvis Gifts
Great range of Elvis Gifts


Simply click on the button near the item(s) required and add to shopping cart. Please note that postage/packing and handling charges will be added to the bill if paying by credit card, according to the order. Where more than six items are ordered Elvisly Yours will charge the most economic rate for p&p. With so many items and so many different variants to postal and packing charges it is impossible to calculate in advance all such charges for large orders. N.B. The minimum charge for postage/packing and handling is £2.50 for any order. If ordering more than one Elvis item postage/packing and handling charges will be calculated at the best possible rate and reduced pro-rata. For example if ordering two TCBs and set of magnets postage/packing and handling will be £3.50 and not 3 x £2.50.

If your order is under £15.00 and you are paying by SOLO or SWITCH card, £0.50 handling charge is applied. If paying by International Money Order or Sterling cheque you will be advised of postal and packing charges for large multiple orders by e-mail. Mail Order and cheques should be sent to :
Elvisly Yours, P.O.Box 315, London NW10 England.

The simplest way to pay for Elvisly Yours superb Elvis souvenirs is by credit card, either your own or that of a family member or friend. If you cannot pay by credit card or PayPal you will need to send a cheque or money order in £sterling to include full postage rates to your town or country. Prices of each area of the world are designated by UK, Eu Europe and Ov overseas outside Europe.

You can pay by PayPal to sid@elvisly-yours.com. Please add 5% surcharge to your total.

Orders for our Elvis memorabilia are normally shipped from our warehouse within 10-14 days. Urgent Orders UK can be shipped in 1-2 days at £2.00 extra p&p cost; just add URGENT in "Special Requests" box. Please, allow 3-4 weeks to deliver the orders overseas. 


If you are a shop, trader, fan club or organisation that could bulk purchase, then please e-mail to
sid@elvisly-yours.com and we will send you further details of our International Wholesale service, which we can offer all over the world except, sorry again, to the USA.

We also License many companies in Britain and around the world to market Elvis Presley products and services (outside the USA). If you are interested in taking out a License from Elvisly Yours please email sid@elvisly-yours.com for more information.

We have an excellent service, but if there are any problems, please note that Elvisly Yours has a full refund policy.

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