Spectacular 'Elvisly Yours Restaurants'

The plan to open a chain of “Elvisly Yours Restaurants” around the world is still on the drawing board. Since it would have cost over £3 million for each Restaurant in the UK and the world’s economy has been in such a state there have been no major investors come forward. There have been many small investors offering thousands but we only want to make spectacular Restaurants and will have to wait until the world’s economy picks up.

Exterior of the Elvisly Yours Restaurant

Interior of the Elvisly Yours Restaurant

Details about Elvisly Yours Restaurants

You enter through the legs of a 25 feet high, animatronic, 1950's Elvis who greets you with, "thankyouverymuch" and moves his hips and curls his lip. Everywhere you look will be fantastic images of Elvis, displays of jumpsuits and memorabilia and every detail about the Restaurants will be themed with Elvis in mind...the plates, the coffee mugs, menu, cocktail list, napkins, staff outfits, slide shows...everything Elvis. There will be the 'Jungle Room' and 'Blue Suede Heaven'  for private parties, the bar will be one of the longest in the world, wrapping around the inside of the restaurant in a huge arc. Each night there will be the best entertainment, featuring not only Elvis Tribute Artists but music that influenced Elvis with the best rock 'n' roll bands, blues and country stars, gospel and rockabilly. In the daytime there will be non-stop Elvis music and karaoke sessions so budding ETAs can get on stage and do their thing. 

Sneak Preview of the Menu and Cocktail List

Each Restaurant will cost £3 million to build and equip and the consortium are talking to several interested parties of investors around the world. It is hoped to open the first in London then Tokyo, Berlin, Dublin and other world famous cities will follow. The ethos of "Elvisly Yours Restaurants" is to make sure the customer is "King" or "Queen". The food will be freshly cooked with only fresh ingredients (not frozen like most chains), the service will be excellent, the atmosphere befitting the "King of Rock 'n' Roll" and the entertainment of the highest standard. Each customer will be sent a birthday card on their birthday if they give their name and address; the ladies a rose as they leave the restaurant after an evening show, in appreciation of their visit. We want our customers to come back time and time again.

See the feature about "Elvisly Yours Restaurants" in the prestigious
"Sunday Times"
of London, England and the article in "Leisure Magazine".

Any investors who would like to participate in this worldwide project, please email to Sid Shaw at sid@elvisly-yours.com

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