Some great books on Elvis Presley that are not found in regular bookstores and are specially chosen for their quality of text and photographs doing justice to the world's greatest star.

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Elvis A King Forever

Robert Gibson with Sid Shaw.

Now on its third edition and seventh printing, probably the best Elvis Presley book ever published. It tells the complete life story of Elvis with "Tender Loving Care" and with some of the best photographs ever in an Elvis book. It is a book you cannot put down, from Elvis' traumatic birth in that little shack in Tupelo, Mississippi, to that tragic day in August 1977. In hardback and 192 pages in full colour throughout.

This book can be personally signed by Sid Shaw. If you want is signed please give details in "Special Requests" box when you check out.

J1. Elvis A King Forever

UK 4.55, Eu 10.65, Ov 14.35 (Sea mail 10.65)

Raised on Elvis! Elvis! Elvis!

Sandi Haynes Pichon.

The story of Author and Fan Club President Sandi Haynes Pichon represents the heart and soul of a generation of fans that are still dedicated to the phenomenon known to the world as ELVIS! ELVIS! ELVIS! 

Untold stories and never before seen photos take the reader back to a time and place where a man changed the world.   

J12. Raised on 
       Elvis! Elvis! Elvis!

UK 4.15, Eu 6.25, Ov 10.95 (Sea mail 8.75)

Life With Elvis

David Stanley.

David Stanley was the stepbrother of Elvis Presley and this book tells the intimate story of his life with Elvis from the early days in Germany where they first met until Elvis' sad death in Memphis in 1997. It also portrays the spiritual side of Elvis and at a bargain price with lots of rare photographs in this 222 page paperback.

J8. Life With Elvis

UK 3.45, Eu 4.55, Ov 7.99

Prayers of Elvis

Madeleine Wilson.

This book briefly outlines Elvis's Christian upbringing and his lifelong search for truth. It gives the insight into the simple prayers of the young innocent boy, brought up in Tupelo, Mississippi then throughout his life, to the prayers of an isolated, troubled 42 year old man. Some prayers were very public, others were very private. This book can be enjoyed by everyone from the "hardcore" fan to those who have only a passing knowledge.

J11. Prayers of Elvis

UK 2.25, Eu 3.45, Ov 4.55

Rare Elvis

Sid Shaw

Rare Elvis Volume One is a unique collection of the best black and white photographs of Elvisly Yours published in our magazines from 1980-1992. It also includes the best poetry, articles and letters with quizzes and fun pages. There are so many wonderful photographs that it was difficult to chose the best so one day Volume Two will also be published. It is paperback with 96 pages and all photographs are large A4 size format.

This book can be personally signed by Sid Shaw. If you want is signed please give details in "Special Requests" box when you check out.

J7. Rare Elvis

UK 3.45, Eu 5.25, Ov 10.65
(Sea mail 6.25)

Rare Elvis

Candidly Elvis
This book is an Elvisly Yours Tribute to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Elvis Presley. It contains many rare and unpublished photographs of Elvis. Special limited edition. Paperback, 52 pages.


J5. Candidly Elvis

UK 2.85, Eu 4.55, Ov 7.99

Early Elvis, the Humes Years

Bill Burk

New reprint of the great book by Bill Burk. Bill Burk writes in the foreword to 'The Humes Years' : "...Not until I began research for this book did I really begin to know and appreciate Elvis Presley. For, in talking to Elvis' classmates, teachers and neighbours, I became privy to Elvis' battles against hunger and poverty, his dreams ....to one day become a star..."

J10. Early Elvis,
The Humes Years

UK 4.55, Eu 6.85, Ov 14.35
(Sea mail 10.65)

Early Elvis, the Sun Years

Bill Burk

Bill Burk was a close friend of Elvis Presley and followed his entire career from the mid 50's as a reporter on the local paper, "The Memphis Press- Scimitar" (now discontinued). Bill is probably the best Elvis researcher in the world and spent many years researching this unique book that gives a rare insight into the early recording years of Elvis Presley. It is beautifully written and a real collectors treasure. It is in hardback and 224 pages.

J3. Early Elvis,
The Sun Years

UK 4.55, Eu 6.85, Ov 14.35
(Sea mail 10.65)

Elvis: The Sun Years

Early Elvis, the Tupelo Years

Bill Burk

Another excellent book by Bill Burk. This book takes the reader back to Elvis' birth in a two-room shotgun house and traces the dreams of this young man who one would become the personification of the American Dream. While living in Tupelo, Elvis hoped to be so good as a singer he would have his own program on WELO! Little did he know that, within a decade, he will become ....ELVIS!

J9. Early Elvis,
The Tupelo Years

UK 4.55, Eu 6.85, Ov 14.35
(Sea mail 10.65)

Elvis in Canada - New Edition!
Bill Burk

This book features very rare photographs taken during Elvis' tour of Canada in 1957. It shows intimate photographs of Elvis on stage, backstage and just fooling around. This book is a must for collectors of Elvis memorabilia showing the young, raw rocker of those early years. It is 68 pages, in paperback. 

See rare photos from the book

J6. Elvis in Canada

UK 4.30, Eu 7.65, Ov 11.50
(Sea mail 7.25)

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