Sadly, there are many blind people in this world but I bet many are Elvis fans and recently Elvisly Yours has been introduced to such fans on different Continents. For some time I have been in correspondence with Paul Graham, a blind fan who lost his sight some years after he became an Elvis fan. He has written a book about his experiences being a blind Elvis fan and how Elvis' music has inspired him so much and kept him going so he has written a book to share his love for Elvis.

As a result of mailing Elvis fan clubs I heard from my friends Susan and Roy in New Zealand who have a friend, Lynette who has been to Graceland several times and she is blind. One wonders how blind people react to a visit to Graceland and I was sent a most moving account written a few years ago by a Lynette and it  just has to be read. It is truly inspiring. Fans can read this special article by simply clicking on to this link :  Lynette Simon's visit to Graceland

We would like to thank Lynette, Susan and Roy for sharing this truly remarkable journey to Graceland that is a real inspiration to us all.

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